“They say the early bird get the worm. Well, that’s exactly true for tech as well — The early adopter gets the bugs.”

Update season is just around the corner and much like Christmas, Diwali or Chinese New Year, you can feel it in the air.

Every tech media outlet is talking about the latest sneak-peek they got of the upcoming Windows 11 OS; all YouTubers marginally associated with electronics, have uploaded videos of them reviewing the leaked release. …

I am a meat eater. Quite a heavy meat eater, in fact. To me a week without meat of some form is a week of depravity. Still, I do not, as some might assume of meat eaters, relish in death, murder or torture. No, I prefer my meat freshly cooked, after having been killed in the most peaceful way imaginable.

Now I’ll be honest, the painless killing of animals is not something that usually occupies my mind. …

I love Lost. I loved it when I first watched it and I love it still. Let me tell you why:

The chief reason for my appreciation of the show is its characters. Now, I’m no full-time writer and I have little experience writing fiction so I cannot critique the show’s literary characteristics. But as a viewer, I can share my experience of the characters of Lost and my, are they all so well made.

Now, I obviously can’t go though all the protagonists of Lost, so let me talk about some of the ones that left that biggest impression…

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a laptop is value.

Don’t get swindled by retailers or laptop manufacturers just because you aren’t familiar with the cryptic lingo of tech. The fact of the matter is, most people can get by for years with a laptop they got for ₹30,000 (US$ 400) to ₹60,000 (US$ 800). So save your money and get yourself a nice phone or some good shoes instead.

This guide will go over everything you need to know to find the best value-for-money laptop suited to your needs, without confusing you with irrelevant numbers and…

There’s a few acres in Nagaland that my uncle bought back in the ’90s. Today he uses it to run a mission school and after my grandmother rented out her house in Imphal, this place has sort of become the default get-together point for relatives from my mother’s side.

It’s a really nice place. Nestled within a small patch of woods and surrounded by a beautiful expanse of paddy fields, it’s like an escape from the real world. Time goes slower over there but it never drags. You could live like a farmer and forget all about the headaches of…

I like the Catcher in the Rye. It’s a pretty good book.

The first time I picked it up was off a street vendor in New Delhi. I paid a hundred rupees for it. I didn’t like it much then. The main character, Holden, appeared too whiny and seemed to complain about every person he’d meet. His teenage cynicism didn’t rub off on me too well and I quickly decided this novel wasn’t worth my time.

It was only a few years and and bachelors’ degree later that I would give the book a second chance. Out of sheer boredom…

Maurice Rizat


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